Stock Market Class

Stock Market Class

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This masterclass is for BEGINNERS, ANYWHERE in the world! I will cover the following topics: 

- What is the stock market
- How to make money through the stock market
- Stocks vs Funds (ETFs, Index funds, Mutual funds) 
- Passive vs Active investing
- Dividend investing 
- Market sectors
- Investing techniques 
- Risk vs Reward
- Quantitative vs Qualitative Research
- Terms beginner should know
- Suggestions for your first investments (for individual companies & index funds)
- How much money you need to invest in the stock market
- Initial investing recommendations 
- Risk assessment & risk tolerance 
- When to buy/when to sell
- 10 minutes q/a at the end of the class

* If you would like to see any other topic which is not listed, please feel free to send me suggestions at and I will be happy to evaluate! 

The class will will be held through Zoom. A link will be sent to the email you checkout with. 

Date: Thursday, June 17 at 7 pm EST

Additional Info 
If you have my Beginner's Guide To The Stock Market, I do not recommend you take this class as it is an extended version of that and the information will be repetitive. 

This class is not meant to be taken as financial advice but more for educational purposes.