My Portfolio Updates & Additions
My Portfolio Updates & Additions

My Portfolio Updates & Additions

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If you want to know exactly which stock and which cryptocurrency I buy and at what price, join my close friends list on Instagram! I post the stock & coin I purchase the moment I hit buy, I include the price I buy the stock for & the number of shares. 

I post tips on there throughout the week (excluding weekends since the market is closed) and I post my updated portfolio on the last day of each month. 

*This is a 6 months subscription. 

How to: 

Once you purchase the subscription, you will receive an e-mail from us. Make sure to reply back with your Instagram username or simply send me your Instagram username to

The close friends list is on my stories. You will see a green star on the stories which are only shared with people on the list. Check out this link to learn more about close friends lists:

Whether you're a beginner or an expert when it comes to investing in stocks, this can help you discover new stocks, get new stock ideas and many more perks. 

Happy investing ⭐️

No financial advice is given through Reetu Academy or Reetu.