Cryptocurrency 101 (for beginners)

Cryptocurrency 101 (for beginners)

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A beginner friendly course for anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrency.

Topics that will be covered: 

Part 1. Background 

- What led to the invention of cryptocurrency 

- Problems with traditional currency

Part 2. Introduction 

- What is cryptocurrency 

- What is Bitcoin 

- Bitcoin's Supply 

- What is blockchain 

- Benefits of Cryptocurrency

- Public & Private Keys

- Cold & Hot Wallets

Part 3. Coins 

- Initial Coin Offering

- Alternative Coins

- Introduction to:












XLM Stellar Lumens


Part 4. Full analysis on a cryptocurrency 

- Description 

- How it works

- Current opportunity

- Market Cap 

- How to value coins 

- Token Economics 

- How to read a chart 

- Indicators 

Part 5. Businesses implementing cryptocurrency and why 

- Facebook, J.P Morgan & more

Part 6. How to buy cryptocurrency 

- Comparing different platforms and suggestion for beginners

- Taxes

Part 7. Quiz 

Test your knowledge!  

Part 8. Building a plan

In this section, I teach you how to build a financial plan for your investments. It can be used for any types of investment, such as stocks, cryptocurrency and more. 

Part 8. Tips for new investors 

Bonus: I add stars (*) on the screen when the subject I'm talking about is similar to stocks which can help if you're familiar with stocks!  


Duration of the course: 2 hours

How to access the course: You will receive a link in your e-mail to download the course to your computer. 

Do I need to have any basic knowledge on cryptocurrency? No, this course is for beginners and everything is defined. 

I'm not from North America, is this course still valid? Absolutely, this course is for anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Should I book a 1:1 coaching session with you first or buy the course? Since a coaching session is only 30 minutes and the course is 2 hours long, you will get more information through the course. You also have lifetime access to the course so you can always refer back to it. I recommend you to first go with the course and if you have any questions or just want personalized coaching, you can definitely book a coaching session. 

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor. Please do your own research and use my course as educational purpose only. I'm not advising you to buy any coins mentioned.