Beginner's Guide To The Stock Market

Beginner's Guide To The Stock Market

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A beginner friendly video for new stock investors. 

With this video, you will have a complete understanding on 

- What the stock market is 

- How to purchase a stock

- Stocks vs Funds (ETFs, Index funds, Mutual funds) 

- Passive vs Active investing 

- Market sectors 

- Introduction to the 3 Investing technics: day trading, swing trading & long term investing (& which one I recommend for beginners) 

- What you need to invest in the stock market

- How to make money through the stock market 

- Risk vs Reward

- Complete information on research that you must conduct before investing: Quantitative vs Qualitative

- How to read a stock's chart

- Terms beginner should know

- Suggestions for your first investments (for individual companies & index funds)

- How much money you need to invest in the stock market

- When to invest in the stock market

- How much money you need to invest in the stock market

- Indicators of how well the economy is doing 

This video includes everything from the video "How to Research a Company"

At the end of each sections you will have key takeaways and some tips throughout the video & examples.


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