I placed an order for one of the guides, now what? 

Firstly, thank you for ordering from us! 

If you've placed an order for the guides, you will receive the video in your email which can take up to 12 hours to process. 

If you've placed an order for "How to Research a Company", you will receive a link instantly when you check out to download the video. 

As stated in the description section of the product, you must insert your email address when checking out to receive your files. If you have not done so, we won't be able to email you the files so please reach out to info@reetuacademy.com to get that sorted.

It's been 12 hours and I haven't received the file yet. What should I do? 

1. Check your junk mail 

2. Search for "Reetu Academy" or "Wetransfer" in your mail. If you have a Gmail account, be sure to check Primary, Social & Promotions. 

Still didn't receive the mail? 

Please reach out to info@reetuacademy.com 

I was not added to the close friends list despite purchasing "My Portfolio Update & Additions" 

If your name AND username is not the same on Instagram, please DM me @ree2mz or e-mail me at info@reetuacademy.com and you will be manually added. 

What should I do once I ordered the guide?

Download it! You have up to one year to download it.